Tropical Home Decor Ideas

Tropical wall decor is the trendiest choice of the summer home decoration ideas in 2020. Any concept like of a vacation, island, forest and whatever comes to mind that the word tropical impresses can be used as a notion of that trend. Huge leaves, flowers, wide spectrum of the green, parrots, exotic fruits… when it is the perfect time to go back to nature and the natural, how about setting this concept at your home and carrying the wild beauties of the nature to your decoration style?


Palm trees, monstera deliciosas with huge leaves, greener ivies… Let’s start with taking a scene from virgin jungles of Amazon Forest to your walls.


Artepera’s wall art with monster leaf is one of the most accessible way of bringing the tropical essence to your home. The monstera, also known as the camel base, which attracts with its magnificent view of ripened leaves with holes and holes, is ready to settle on the walls of your living spaces for quite a long time. If you wish, you can get a more intense look by sprinkling Artepera's black metal leaf forms on a wall that you will color with Jotun's ambitious green tone called free spirit color. You can combine the inspiration of exotic flowers with this refreshing and energy boosting look. Azalea metal wall clock will take you to the avant-garde like an immortal flower of a rare garden by blossoming among the other wall ornaments.


If you are one of those who like the combination of wooden materials and green color, the malevolent bird of the woods, Woody, excited to inform you about the time with its metal and wooden combined design. Don’t limit your enthusiasm of tropical trend only with your walls. You can get more exciting and dynamic look by including the real leaves in your decoration with the wall art.