How Do I Start Decorating My House


Congratulations! If you’re reading this article, high possibly, you are moving to a new house, about to marry or planning to make a change. If so, you are in the right zone. We are sure that you have saved so many photos on Pinterest. You looked up so many stores. The pages of decoration magazines are torn apart. Everyone you asked of their ideas mostly answered radically different and confused you.



Decoration is in what way your living space needs to be arranged considering your likings, budget, habits ant the physical specifications of the space. The unity of the decisions in a large spectrum of preference of the furniture, color options, curtains, pillows, the location of the power plug and the elevation of the tap and sink. Where to start for home decoration? For sure, there is no such answer and foundation can fit anyone’s need. If you are not going to work with a professional like an interior designer, decorator or designer, you can embark on this adventure with a few stages and checklists.



First of all, you should start by determining your style and likings. Do you have a minimalist style or do you like vintage decoration? Is Provence a trend that comes close to you, or are you a pathological classic enthusiast? Or are you one of those eclectic who loves mixed with less than anything else? Okay, you're right, these terminologies are like speaking French. Moreover, it is not possible to completely separate some of them from each other. All you have to do is take a deep look at yourself. Many things from your clothing, perfume preference, car model you like to your holiday habits give you tips on your decoration style. If you still cannot get out of the job, you can find surveys that predict your decoration style in the digital environment. We can also do this as a blog topic in the following days, what do you think?



You have done with your style. Now that you know at what direction you may go for visual appreciation. What about the needs? They can be both abstract and concrete. Let’s say you are a bookworm, so that’s pretty normal that you may look for a bookshelf or a library looking decoration ideas. However, if you are having guests frequently, positioning the dining table and the size of it may be more crucial for you. These are concrete examples. Beyond that, creating a relaxing atmosphere, a room that motivates you to work and study can be ideal for abstraction in decorative notions. The most accurate way out is that making a list of those and sharing it with the others you live together. While listing the stuff, the dimensions of the space and the objects are important, for this reason, calculating them with a tape measure can be very useful for you. If you give as much specific detail as possible in accordance with your style while determining your needs, your job will be easier in the next step. For instance; 1 piece of two-and-a-half-meter red sofa. At this stage, our most important recommendation is not to make a definition like 'X at home' while determining your needs. Remember, this place is your living space that should be shaped by your habits, tastes and needs.



Decoration is an endless sea. It is possible to create an alike view with hundreds or thousands of dollars. The important thing here is how much budget you allocate for this job. If you have created your requirement lists in detail, it will be easier for you to manage your budget. Key parts that stand out in decoration, infrastructure solutions that cannot be corrected or constructed later (such as electrical installation or floor covering material, for example), allocate more space in the budget and create complementary parts that can be purchased later and change seasonally with more economical solutions, manage your budget It can be an ideal method.



The budgets and lists you have created are your most important compasses for shopping. Today, it is possible to find many decoration elements such as throw pillows, lighting, wall decoration, curtains and carpets in online channels and compare prices. For shop purchases, you can search for decoration addresses suitable for your style and budget and draw a shopping route for yourself.

We wish you a pleasant day in your new living space.