We have an innovation that we want to share with you on our journey with the idea of ​​sustainable design and production.

As Artepera, our focus on branding has always been at the forefront, both to achieve the minimum waste target in production, to ensure the use of raw materials and efficiency, and due to environmental factors.

We are carrying out our project on the evaluation of scrap in our factory, which produces metal-based decoration products. We designed small accessories to be used in potted plants with the excess parts that emerged during the production of our designs. In this way, we have transformed the metal wastes in production into a product that meets the photosynthesis needs of plants.

What did we achieve with these mini designs?

 With this project, which is small but big in function:

*By evaluating the leftover parts of the product you have purchased, we have now turned it into a useful object for nature and we have achieved our minimum waste goal.

*With these designs, which meet the iron oxide needs of potted plants, we increased the yield of potting soil and supported the development of healthy plants.

*Thanks to the special design of the mini accessories, we allowed the potted plants to mix the soil easily and get air. Thus, we ensured that more lively and healthy plants were grown by meeting the soil with air and iron mineral.

*For our plants, which are the precious decorations of our homes, balconies and gardens, which we take care of like our own eyes, we have captured pleasant, humorous and aesthetic designs that accompany them visually as well as functionally.

For academic research on the benefits of using iron oxide in potting soil, you can read the links below and have in-depth information on the subject.

We hope that this small step we have taken for a sustainable universe will bring you pleasure.

Academic Articles;