What Is My Style? – Let's Discover Your Decoration Style


We promised in our first blog, we did and now tell you how to discover your decoration style with some small tips and hints. Decoration, literally originated from French word; ornament, however style means trendy, wording and such… İf so, we can summarize the situation we are in just like that; What is the best way to express my own style over my decoration? We will guide you to find out how you do that by looking at the objects you prefer and fits your persona.

Let’s get it started with the classics asked since childhood;

1- What is your favorite color and your color combination?

  1. White and Its tones
  2. Dirt and brown colors
  3. Golden, Bronze, Brass
  4. All the colors in rainbow

2- What is the first route when you imagine that you are traveling for vacation?

  1. Monaco-Nice
  2. Milano
  3. Dubai
  4. Marrakesh

3- Which car reflects you better?

  1. Mini Cooper Countryman
  2. BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe
  3. 1980 Made Rolls Royce
  4. A classic Vespa Scooter

4- Which movie is the most interesting for you to watch in your leisure time?

  1. Pretty Woman
  2. Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  3. The Devil Wears
  4. Amelie

5- Which of the following hobbies interests you most to evaluate your free time?

  1. Cycling, planting flowers
  2. Reading the book quietly, tampering with the music archive
  3. Personal care
  4. Enjoying a movie theater at home, planning a pizza evening

6- If you were a movie star, which one would you choose to be?

  1. Pretty woman Julia Roberts
  2. Breakfast At Tiffany’s Audrey Hepburn
  3. The Devils Wear Prada, Miranda
  4. Amelie, Audrey Tautou

7- Which is a must-have accessory?

  1. Hats
  2. Time
  3. Rings
  4. Bandana

8- Which of the following types of sports is closer to you?

  1. Running outdoors
  2. Yoga
  3. Swimming
  4. Aerobic

9- If you were an instrument, which one would you prefer?

  1. Guitar
  2. Piano
  3. Cello
  4. Drums

10- If we say choose a meal from the menu below?

  1. Homemade pesto penne
  2. Grilled salmon and salad
  3. Medium cooked rib eye
  4. Of course, 4 cheese pizza

11- Finally, how would you like your house to be?

  1. In vineyard, garden, forest, olive trees
  2. In the city, in a good neighborhood, in a stylish apartment
  3. By the sea in a luxury resort
  4. With a comfortable caravan at any time, according to my mood


Let's look at the results now ... If you have chosen mostly;

 A: Country: Highlights, woods, patina paints, linen-density plaid and floral patterned textures are an integral part of your style

B: Modern: Minimal, simple and stylish… These are the three keywords that define the style of decoration. There is no room for you.

C: Avantgarde: It is true that you cannot give up the classic and love a little showoff. Shiny surfaces, flawless details are the determinant of your decoration style.

D: Ethnic: Native American accessories, Asian style, Indian fabrics… It is important for you to be able to carry patterns, textures and cultures of different geographies to decoration.

Of course, decoration styles are not limited to these, loft, retro, eclectic ... We have determined roughly which style we tend to for now. Is it best to consider these styles separately in our blog and evaluate them in width?