Personalized Motorcycle Helmet Wall Hanger
Personalized Motorcycle Helmet Wall Hanger
Personalized Motorcycle Helmet Wall Hanger
Personalized Motorcycle Helmet Wall Hanger
Personalized Motorcycle Helmet Wall Hanger
Personalized Motorcycle Helmet Wall Hanger
Personalized Motorcycle Helmet Wall Hanger
Personalized Motorcycle Helmet Wall Hanger
Personalized Motorcycle Helmet Wall Hanger

Personalized Motorcycle Helmet Wall Hanger

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  • Designed and produced by Artepera with high-quality steel ©
  • Measurement;
  • 60 x 67 cm – 2.4 lbs (1.1 Kg) – 1.2 mm Steel
  • 83 x 95 cm - 6.3 lbs (2.9 Kg) - 1.5 mm Steel
  • You need to add the name or text you want to the empty box.
  • The product is customizable (max. 13 characters) (Delivery: 1 - 7 working days)
  • The product is delivered flat. It will be bent from the designated places by the user. 

Styrofoam and cardboard are used in the box to protect the product against scratches and external impacts. The packaging is sturdy enough for safe deliveries. Beautiful products that you can safely gift to your loved ones are here, with the quality of Artepera.

- Wall Art and Wall Clock
Our products are sent ready to hang on the wall. In some of our wall art, large size options (over 100 cm) are sent as 2 or 3 pieces and can be easily mounted with the screws that come with the product. In order to hang the product on the wall, it will be sufficient to hang with 1 nail or screw suitable for your wall and then hang it from the sawtooth hanger on the back of the product. There are some elevator screws on the wall art that keep it 2 cm away from the wall, creating a beautiful 3D appearance to the wall art.
- Wall Sign
The products in our Wall Sign collection have ready-to-adhesive tapes on the back of the products. All you have to do is peel off the protective papers and stick them on the wall. When you remove the product from the wall, it will not damage the wall. Although the tape is extremely resilient, the stability of the product hung may vary depending on the wall surface (wall type, wall paint, wallpaper model).

Cleaning our products is quite simple. First, clean the surface with a damp soft cloth, then dry it with a soft cloth to prevent water-marks.
Do not use chemicals while cleaning. Note that hard polishing will damage the surface finish.

Our products are made of high-quality steel and painted with electrostatic powder paint, the paint protects the product against corrosion. However, when exposed to heavy snow and rain outdoors, it may begin to rust after a while.

- Will I pay any shipping fee and customs fees?
No, you will not. You will not pay any costs other than the prices that you see on the website. You will not pay any extra customs and shipping fees. All that costs will be paid by us.

- When will my order be shipped after purchase?
Your orders will be prepared and delivered to the shipping company within 1-5 business days. The courier company will deliver your order within 3-5 business days, approximately.
You will be informed about the shipping process through your contact details. So, it is very important to fill in your shipping/billing information correctly.

- Which shipping company will my order be sent with?
Your orders will be shipped quickly with DHL Express or FedEx. You will be notified via message or e-mail when the shipment is made.

- What should I do if the shipping package or product is damaged?
When the order reached you and if you see some damage on the box, please don't collect the item from the delivery guy and want a "Damage Assessment Report". But if you open the box and see some damage please contact us.

"We are proud to be selected as the Happiest Workplace in the Iron and Steel Industry in the Happy Place to Work Turkey's Happiest Workplaces Survey."

"We participated in the Great Place to Work Organization's program on workplace culture and employee satisfaction and were awarded the "Great Workplace" certificate."

 When Nietzsche says that we should live life "like a work of art", what he means is that we should strive to make it worth living. As long as we live, we try to find ways to express ourselves and our unique perspective on the world. As long as we do this, we can all be artists and our lives can be unique works of art. For this purpose, ARTEPERA enables us to bring naturalness, aesthetics, art, strength and durability, creativity, innovation and our own perspective into our lives.

 ARTEPERA, combining its designs inspired by nature with steel and skillfully shaping the metal with years of experience, reveals the light and infinite perfection of nature in its unique design products. ARTEPERA skillfully shapes its products using durable and uniquely shiny metal. Just like individuals who do not allow the light inside them to be stolen by resisting all kinds of difficulties throughout their lives and who determine their own stance...

 Started in 1932 and never wavering from its purpose, the most beautiful reward of our journey is to be able to pass down decades of experience from generation to generation. Can there be a greater happiness than to interpret traditional values in a contemporary way and process them with our designs without losing them? ARTEPERA has become the rising star of the steel and design industry with its dynamic team of young and happy employees who create the tradition and values of decades.

 ARTEPERA continues to work with all its strength to maintain this rise, to bring tradition together with the future and to create new opportunities, not just seize them.

 We are proud and happy to continue our rise with exports to 69 countries around the world.


 Sedex Certificate: Commitment to Responsibility and Trust!
We take pride in obtaining the Sedex certificate at Artepera. This certificate reflects our dedication to business ethics and social responsibility. By continuing to support our commitment to creating a fair, ethical, and sustainable supply chain, we will persist in being your reliable business partner.

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